Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Crafty and In Trouble

I love playing hookey.

The kids only had half a day of school today (Wednesday), so I took the afternoon off work and we had Burger King and went grocery shopping and Christmas shopping and what-the-hell shopping.

And they NEVER threw a fit. And they bought things WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. And I was a HAPPY mom.

Tonight I finished putting together a dozen fruit-nut-cinnamonpinecone-dried leaf centerpieces for a potluck at work Thursday, where we'll roast turkeys on-site and make creamy mashed potatoes and everyone brings in a lovely wonderful food thing, and I'll get no work done and won't check blogs because I am on the potluck committee and will be decorating and mashing and eating and tearing down, and sleeping under my desk.

A turkey coma. Lovely. And it snowed today, tra-la tra-la.

Girl-Child had dance class tonight, and watching her shimmy and boogie-woogie and 'jazz hands!' with her perfect legs and exquisite timing and impish eyes, I realized that I'm in big trouble. She's got this incredible...uh...way with her body, very loose and fluid, and I recognize myself in the way she moves (although I was in my 20s when I discovered the 'sexy way of being', and Girl-Child is only 5.) The boys are gonna notice that some day, and she's already begging Sergei, when he gives her a playful tap on the butt, "Do it again, Daddy!". Shit, like that damn song..."she's grown up just like me". We've already started the 'your body is your own' talks, but still....

Chastity belts? Do they make those anymore?


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Cynical Girl said...

Fess up. You are really Martha Stewart.


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