Monday, November 13, 2006

Rock the Casbah

1) A co-worker had a Major Birthday this weekend and her grown children bought her the most amazing cake, layers full of raspberry jam and sweet cake, fluffy frosting, and fondant ribbons (plaid fondant ribbons to match the napkins, no less). She brought in the leftovers today. I wish I could say my dieting tolerance for sweets made sure I stayed far, far away. I stayed as far away as my fork could reach.

2) What does the Easter Bunny do the other 364 days of the year? Oh, I hope you can handle it. (Ganked from AfterSchoolSnack.)

3) WD40 now comes in pen form. Know how as you get older, the little things become important, like the bunion on your foot, or the neighborhood kids cutting across your lawn, or how ridiculous belly shirts look on 45 year old women? Well, my kicks come, apparently, from greasy pens.

4) I’m making my own Holiday Cards this year. I am clearly insane.

5) I am also making jewelry for presents. Like I said…insane.

6) I’ve become one of those women who starts planning for Christmas in September. I hate myself. But it feels really really nice.

7) A local restaurant opened a second branch that’s 2 blocks from my house. While Sergei was out of town last weekend, I took the kids there. Now they can’t stop bugging me to go back. Well, who am I to argue with lemon bars that kick ass?

8) The Food Network doesn’t have enough special shows about Thanksgiving. I’m serious. It’s like watching Amazing Race 10, or Studio 60, I want moremoreMORE dammit.

9) My Amazing Race 10 prediction…the model/ex-junkie boys will win it. And then celebrate by getting shit-faced stoned and laid by a gaggle (flock? pod?) of coke-encrusted sorority girls looking for a good time.

10) I was just walking down the hall to pee, when I bloated. BOOM. Bloated. Like those folks in the antacid commercial with fat-suit bellies that inflate and then deflate when they take Tums (or whatever). Only I recognized the bloating for what it really was...the Crimson Permanent Assurance is setting sail. Sure enough, I got into the stall and the captain whistled a hearty 'hail and farewell', and then the unexplained craving for fondant-laden cake became all too clear. Ahoy, mateys!


At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have a pot luck lunch here, lot's of goodies and I am staying away and sticking to my no lunch routine.

I don't celebrate Christmas (am such a heathen ;)), we do send cards but don't give gifts and are happy to not recieve any too. Go figure ;-)

They are already killing us with the zillions of ways of making Turkey. We may actually make lamb or goat meat for dinner instead of Turkey, much better meat me thinks.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Someone needs to take the Easter Bunny down a notch - what a gangster! I love planning for Christmas, I'm just a Christmas nut.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

I love Christmas and all the lights and decs...wish I were talented and artsie enough to make cards and jewelry! What kind of jewelry? (I love earrings!)

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Orange said...

I think people are getting a lot of gift certificates from me this year. I have a major deadline on December 15, so not much in the way of Christmas shopping will be done before then. Santa toys for my kid plus gift cards for everyone else—that works, right?

That Easter Bunny video had a few laugh-out-loud moments. The ice cream cone part was especially worthy.

Okay, I saw Giada's Thanksgiving-for-two show. WTF? She's an Italian cook who's going to make ravioli with store-bought wontons? And a can of cranberry goop?


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