Friday, November 03, 2006

Poetry Friday – The Word is TRAIN

I’m off with the kids today, their elementary school’s closed for conferences (oh to be a teacher in Michigan, with endless days off and all summer to play…yes, I know they work hard, but still…$3 prescriptions and 180 work days a year and incredible retirement? Sign me up!).

The Poetry Friday Word for today is TRAIN. Please feel free to use this word in your blog post today, in whatever manner bobs yer apple…poem, story, photo, architectural design, recipe for disaster.

Me, myself, and I have a list today. Time being what it is.

Have a good weekend, y’all!

Cow-Catchers and other Ruminants

1) A train runs directly beside my office. We are bombarded daily by train whistles that drown out phone conversations, important meetings, and the incessant strains of Muzak (the latter a good thing, except during the holidays when Muzak actually rocks, and rocks hard).

2) Further down the line, some college students were hit by a freight train several years ago after a drunken night. The city and university panicked and started gears in motion for an underground roadway or elevated walkway. After a time, folks calmed down and realized, y’know, if you’re drunk, you really shouldn’t think you can outrun a train and lift the clanging flashing crossing gate. That. Is. Bad.

3) Do cow-catchers really catch cows?

4) The dining car is the greatest invention known to man.

5) The Canadian National train line that runs from Michigan through Toronto and into Quebec is the best way to honeymoon.

6) Before I get too old to enjoy it, I want to take one of those glass-topped trains across Canada.

7) “Train in Vain”. The Clash. Is this their most popular song?

8) I trained for one day to work at Taco Bell, after graduating from college. And then I quit. Brown polyester doesn’t become me.

9) Can a penny on the railroad tracks actually derail the train? Or just make for a really cool squished penny?

10) Mule Traaaaaain…yee haw!!!


At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

#9.. Some friends tried this in India when I was a kid (we lived right next to the tracks).They used a nail instead. It was a cool flattenned nail and no the train did not derail.

#1 We are next to the train at work too but its' not too bad, other than the squeaks of the wheels on the tracks.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

We pulled the penny trick with a trolley car in Seattle once - half the penny got flattened, it was really cool.

We have train tracks right behind our house, but we've gotten so used to it we don't notice, and it is just far enough away that it has a pleasant clack clack whoo whoo to it instead of rumbling the house.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3) It's a better sounding name than "cow slingers". Well, maybe not...

7) Strange thing about that song, it's not even on the album's track list. They tried to hide it from us!

8)Oh yeah, another meaning of train. And, I did the same thing for McD's. Left my brownies on the front porch one day. One can only say "You want fries with that" just so many times before you start twitching.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Maine said...

Re: The Clash

No chance. It's a distant 3rd behind Should I Stay or Should I Go and Rock the Casbah. Personally, I always enjoyed This is Radio Clash, but... yeah.


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