Thursday, February 15, 2007

Poetry Friday WORD for tomorrow, also a belated vd, and a wry smile

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, I know I’m late. Make that:

“Happy Belated Valentines Day Because I Went Through a Time Warp On the ACTUAL Day”.

Yesterday I was at the kids’ school early morning and late afternoon, and in-between I was at work dealing with excited programmers and marketing folk. There’s not much difference between the folks I work with and the kids I deal with…they’re always bouncing off the walls, always talking over each other, and both are full of candy and peanut-butter-products.

Due in large part to the holiday, the Poetry Friday WORD for Tomorrow is “heart”. Does that seem like a cop-out? Too easy, right? Well, we’ll go with it. Although, if you have a scintillating expose on the old tv show, “Hart to Hart”, I’ll let you use that spelling too. Anywhozeewhatzis, feel free to tie a red ribbon on your blog post tomorrow with the word “heart”, however you choose…poem, story, photo, allergy shot schedule, sappy love song, lipstick-kissed envelope….

During my work day yesterday, we all got to talking about websites, and one of my co-workers suggested I purchase a url and start a blog.


Snort, sniffle.

I’m anonymous, baby.

So I listened patiently as he explained the ins and outs, and sent me a link to Wordpress blogging software, just in case.

If he only knew…and he won’t.

Are YOU anonymous? Who knows about your blog?


At 8:12 AM, Blogger gr said...

I wish I could be anon. but the blog is actually a twisted path to business success. The anon. type of blog would be fun, though, because then I wouldn't have to worry about upsetting my parents...(sure, I am 40, and YES, they are very...touchy about certain subjects).

At 8:50 AM, Blogger NWO said...

Gawd, I hope so!

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Funny thing. I use a name not my own. I started out thinking this was best and that anon was important. But then, being the blabbermouth that I am I told some relatives about my blog and even though I haven't specifically told my parents (who are the main people I would not want reading it) I'm really not sure if they know about it or not. So I'm pseudo-anonymous. Silly me. Oh and I've put my actual picture up so really how anonymous is that? Silly silly me.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger gr said...

nice mustache there, Mr. Maggie, I could EASILY pick you out of a crowd with that thing inder your nose.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Stroll said...

I am semi-anon, I try to keep my name and identifying information out of it, but if anyone came across my blog they could pretty quickly find out who I am with a little digging. I definately don't want family or co-workers finding, though I did disclose recently to my homegirl at work who I figure would understand.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger meno said...

i used to work as a manager. I always said that my main job description should have been "provides adult supervision."

I am anonymous, but that could change with the slip of a toungue. Anyone who knows me and reads my blog would know it was me. I have told three friends about my blog, mostly as an answer to "what's new?", but only one of them has the URL and she is very trustworthy. I don't want to do the censorship i would have to do if certain people were reading.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Sanjay said...

I dont blog anon. But I dont blog about work either. A colleague knows I have a blog but she hardly ever reads it, *A* knows I have a blgo as do some friends. Not sure if they regularly read it. None of them leave comments :)

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Nancy Dancehall said...

Hee! And kids and programmers are getting closer in age.

I blog semi-anonomously. My husband knows (he's clickety clacking next to me right now), and I have about five friends who know. But there are friends I'd never tell because I'd never hear the end of it, and no one related to me by blood will ever know if I can help it. It wouldn't be too difficult to figure out who I am if someone who knew me actually stumbled onto my blog.

Of course, I'm thinking of changing my real name to Nancy Dancehall, so one day the world may know. Ha!

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Sergei C. said...

I have so many pseudonyms I have trouble keeping them straight.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Faith said...

I'm semi-anon as well, but you probly already know that. Anyone who openly posts pics on their site allows the anonymity to fly right out the window, if called on it.

But online, I have been "Faith Smith" for over 3 years now. I prefer to use the name for all message boards I join, and most every other thing that requires a "sign-on" name. It makes me feel safer, for some reason.

I don't blog about work (anymore), but even when I did, I never divulged the names of the companies or the people I worked with. I openly discuss hangouts I frequent, and even talk about where the fiance works and all that, but that's beyond my control...I went to that bar long before I even met him, so it's just coincidentally unfortunate that people know where he works if they read closely enough.

Whenever I'm interviewed about my blog (which has happened, um, *once*), I ask them to only print my fake name, which seems smart as well.

I like being semi-anonymous. It's worked out pretty well for me over the years...

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

I only use mine for creative expression mainly and lots of friends know about it but never bother reading it unless I e-mail a piece. I post pics..and don't even think about it. I never blog about work or say anything but positive stuff about people whose names are mentioned;that was never the intention.
I don't give out my address or anything, but I'm quite sure no one really cares that much about my blog.


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