Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4 Down…A small leftover…”ORT”

1) Work is hell. Work. Is. Hell.

2) I just found a long, GRAY hair on my sleeve. It’s long and curly, and it’s mine.

3) Aging sucks.

4) No way I’d pay for a $148 sandwich. This is all it is: sourdough bread, beef, fois-gras flavoured mayo, brie, cherry tomatoes, rocket (arugula), and roasted peppers. I’m sure Zingerman’s Deli could make me up something just as good for $8.

5) I feel the need for an internal spring cleaning. By that I mean a colonic or a juice-fast that cleans out my bowels. Because I saw this site and can’t get those images outta my head. (Warning: it’s not pretty.) Suggestions for a do-it-yerself purge are welcome.

6) This morning for breakfast, I had meatballs, chunky tomatoes, and green beans. BREAKFAST. Which may explain why I need a colonic.

7) I was doing something in the shower last night that I may want to involve you all in. Group blogging masturbation. NOOOO. I’m kidding. I kid. I kid and I kiss you because I love you. No, the thing I was doing was this…I’d let a random word pop into my head and then I’d make up a poem about it. Sort of the ‘Free Write’ posts from a couple Poetry Fridays. Then I thought how cool it would be to get more people involved, doing whatever creative it is you like to do…write, draw, take a photo, sculpt, cook, speak…and post them in a mass blogging frenzy. Okay, I guess it is like group blogging masturbation. But in a more artistic bent, and with no spooge to clean up afterwards (unless THAT’S your creative bent). If you think you might want to try this out, let me know. I’ll be doing something like this anyway, and if it turns out not to work, I’ll just post pictures of my underwear.


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