Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Life...My Card

I had a blog post, a sexy blog post, all ready to compose, and then I felt like hell and just couldn't write it. The stomach, the head, all fulla crap. So I'm ganking Used Hack's idea and meme-ing my American Express advertisement. Please, feel free to do the same.

My Name...Mona Buonanotte
Childhood Ambition...To be a famous actress and marry Davy Jones of the Monkees.
Soundtrack... Good days: "The Nightfly" by Donald Fagen; Bad Days: "Nine Inch Nails"
Retreat...My bed, naked
Wildest Dream...Constant, mob-gathering fame, many men wanting me to bed them, Dave Matthews and Mike Doughty writing a song about my beauty and deliciousness.
Proudest Moment...When my kids were born
Biggest Challenge...Not punching certain co-workers in the, uh, how about, not fantasizing about Fantasy Boyfriends when stuck in traffic
Alarm Clock...Two of on my husband's side of the bed, also a portable alarm clock on my side. Without the backup, I oversleep.
Perfect Day...I'd take my lottery winnings and shop with my family. Then I'd buy us a lovely cottage on Lake Michigan, and sit on the sand drinking pretty frozen drinks with my Fantasy Boyfriends as cabana boys.
First Job...Carhop at Famous Old Restaurant
Indulgence...Favorite indulgence: Ice cream; Most recent indulgence: 16 peanuts
Last Purchase..."McSweeneys #18", included "Wholphin"
Favorite Movie...Oh crap. There are a millionjillion of 'em. I dunno, how's about, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?
Inspiration...Every kick-ass women I've ever met
My Life...Fantasy with a good swift ass-kick of reality
My Card...Mastercard with unbelievable interest rate

Poetry Friday (aka, "Group Blogging Masturbation") Update -- for those of you who want to participate in a creative circle-jerk tomorrow, post a poem, story, photo, audioblog, drawing, food creation, what-have-you-creative-thing, that comes from thinking of this word: HIDDEN. (Future weeks you'll all throw a word out there for our collective's word was prompted by a co-worker this morning.)


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