Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crumbs, and Tomorrow’s Poetry Friday Word

1) The sexy and handsome Chunk O Funk has chosen The Word for tomorrow’s Poetry Friday (aka Group Blogging Masturbation). Go to his place to find it. I’m not gonna tell you, as you must experience the man, the myth, the legend, for yourself. But it’s a killer word. I’m already thinkin’ dirty thoughts…and some clean ones….

2) Wardrobe Malfunction…remember how pleased I was that my new mechanic didn’t stare at my blossoming décolletage? Well, the strappy tank number I put on today (under a sweater, mind you) is poppin’ my breasteses all out like crocuses in April. My sweater ain’t coverin’ it, and as I am hot (both in temperature and, well, hotness), I refuse to button the damn thing all the way up. Looks like the guys get some extra sweetmeats today.

3) Everyone’s talking about Chris Daughtry today. I don’t watch the show, but I do catch internet clips, and he was my hands-down favorite to win. He’ll still get a killer record deal though. And half the female viewership will want to bed him. Not bad, son, not bad.

4) On another reality tv bend, The Hippies are STILL in it! Last night Girl-child asked me which of the two I like best, and I couldn’t answer her, as my perfect Hippie Bed-Mate would be a tasteful mélange of both of them…or possibly a sandwich with Mona in the middle.

5) What is Blogger’s problem lately? First it won’t let me into any blogs, then it won’t let me see comments. Is this some DoS thing like Blue Security pulled off? Daaaaammit.

6) This NSA thing, well, really, what business is it of theirs? What else is the guv’mint doing that we should be aware of? Monitoring my internet habits? Oh wait, they’re already doing that….

7) Kevin Smith rawks. Just wanted to say that.

8) Yeah. No shit.

9) Catholics can’t use in-vitro?

10) Jeremiah’s got a story goin’…check it out.


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