Thursday, May 04, 2006

I take one, one, one 'cause you left me and two, two, two for my family (ALSO...Poetry Friday WORD)

1) First thing's first...Poetry Friday – The Word for tomorrow is: PACKAGE. The lovely and talented Gypsy is our word-contributor for this week, and I’m fighting my brain to go toward the sexual meaning of this fascinating set of letters. But you know me, there’ll be some porn in there somewhere. Tomorrow, feel free to post poetry, audio, video, recipes, artwork, what-have-you, that come to mind when you think of the word PACKAGE.

2) As Sergei mentioned, I was AWOL yesterday because Girl-child was Exorcist-vomiting all Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (without the head-spin thing, thank the jeebus). I slept on her floor, monitoring her every breath, cleaning up, telling her she was brave, timing when she could have sips of water, rubbing her leg and her sweaty head. She lay on the couch all day Wednesday, and today ate a pretty good breakfast, perked up, and went to school. I have my cell phone glued to my hip ‘just in case’ she relapses. While another day off with her would be great, it only works when we’re both well, healthy, and ready to go spend money at the mall and the local Mexican restaurant.

3) This makes me laugh with evil schadenfreude and then turn right around and feel sorry for her. I ganked the title of this post from a Violent Femmes song…does that make me a plagiarist? No, I guess with a ‘free’ something, the bounty of the internet, I can write whatever I want. But what if I turn this blog post into something I try to sell, does THAT make me a plagiarist? I dunno. I guess, maybe, the schadenfreude is more for the fact that she got her book deal when she was still a teenager, and here I am, NOT getting half-million-dollar book deals offered to me. Bitch. Although I’m sure she’s very sweet and helps old ladies with their laundry, but still…bitch.

4) The hippies, once again, did NOT get sent away. Go hippies! Beat MoJo!

5) We’re STILL interested in the Long Island Lolita? Please, someone put this to rest. Please.

6) PACKAGE. Group Mastubation Poetry Blogging tomorrow. Ready...GO!


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