Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tomorrow's Poetry Friday Word Is... jo(e) blog. Ooh, I love it! I want to roll around in it. I want to throw it. I want to make a man out of it.

Please use this word in your post tomorrow, in whatever form floats your float...poem, photo, video of your interpretive dance, audio post, porn, hymn, recipe, map...whatever your creative bend is.


Today's post, besides the Poetry Word, will be short. Bitchy. The Crimson Permanent Assurance just hit port, and I'm a twisted mass of emotional hysteria. I screamed obscenities at pretty much everyone on the road this morning (they DID deserve it, dammit), and Girl-Child and I had a bit of a power struggle in the Getting-Up Phase of the morning (I was TOTALLY right). The boss is a dick today, I feel like pukking, and the peanut M&Ms in the candy machine on the other side of building are yelling my name.


See y'all tomorrow with The Word!


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