Thursday, June 22, 2006

Always take the weather with you*

1) It’s raining. It rained yesterday, and it’ll probably rain tomorrow. I don’t know what’s worse, having to work on a sunny day when you’d rather be outside, or having to work on a rainy day when you’d rather be at home under blankets with a thermos of hot chocolate...strike that...with a nekked hottie beside you.

2) There may be Poetry Friday tomorrow…I’m waiting for a Special Guest to throw out the word.

3) Look for nekkedness on my blog shortly. Hopefully. Not all-the-way nekkedness, but implied, or something.

4) Speaking of nekkedness, go check out jo(e) amazing photo.

5) And check out Neal, Jeff and the boys at the South Pole. (NSFW, and totally worth it.)

6) What’s the most-used noun?

7) Pinky mentioned Sir Graves Ghastly and The Ghoul and now I’m 9 years old watching Bela Lugosi and Godzilla movies on my parents big floor-model television.

8) If a chunk of watermelon falls off your fork and onto your light blue blouse, it will eventually dry and leave no stain. Unlike the chocolate you crammed in your mouth yesterday that fell on your white blouse and made you look like a big-spotted dalmation bitch.

9) really? 262? HAHAHA...(thud).

10) Peeing when you really have to *go* is in my Top 10 Favorite Things To Do list.

11) Linking, apparently, is also on that Top 10 list.

*From 'Woodface'


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Pisser said...


Well, I had a Security Breach at Los Pantalones 1st thing this morning...and I'd just spent 20 mins. last night sewing them up.

Beam me up, Spotty.


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