Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tomorrow's Poetry Friday "WORD", and I take the skinheads bowling, bowling, take them bowling

My beloved Sergei has contributed this week's Poetry Friday "WORD". As My Precious doesn't post to the non-political blog anymore, I shall hereby dispense with the suspense on the fense and give y'all the word:


This is a fab-o word, and I'll tell you why...when he told me the word, I had to WORK to get the meaning straight in my head. It's not a word I use often, and its various incarnations of meanings had me all over the place. I even got a pervy connection, yeah, go fig-yah.

So tomorrow, Friday, if you're so inclined, please feel free to use the word COLLECT in your blog post, in whichever manner blows your skirt up...poem, photo, dance, audio post, hairdo, to-do, do-do.

This is the last week of school for the kids, and there are endless field trips planned. I will be gone this morning with Boy-child's class, we're going bowling and then to a local park for lunch. Bowling. Y'know, back when I was more limber and footloose, I was on the company bowling league and pretty much held my own. Now I'm lucky if I don't drop the ball on my foot or skid down the alley. The kids usually beat my score and I end up waving my hands frantically like Kermit thee Frog when my butt gets ceremoniously handed to me in a dirty ashtray. Friday I'll be out all day, volunteering at the school, then taking the kids to the movies and to cram as much food as possible in their gigantic bird-mouths. I'll still post Poetry Friday contributions on Thursday night, and may not get to read your posts until the weekend, but I WILL do so.

Which reminds me, I love the way the British say "week-end" Like "week-END". So damn proper and unexpected. I'm trying to get that accepted as proper American English, that and "going to hospital" and "going on holiday", but I'm afraid I'll be voted down. Well, sod them.


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