Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tomorrow’s Poetry Friday “Word”…63.4 million…and McSweeney’s Rawks My Wurl

1) The handsome and talented (or is that talented and handsome?) Jeremiah has chosen The Word for tomorrow’s Poetry Friday. GO SEE IT NOW. I read it and got all tingly down my back, my hands started sweating, and felt Twilight-Zoned. There’s another meaning in that also. Tomorrow, feel free to include The Word in your blog post, however you wish…poetry, video, haiku, sculpture, tattoo, whatever floats your boat. Or paints your boat. Something like that.

2) Confession time: I don’t watch American Idol. Yeah, I know, I’m the last bastion of those heel-diggers who refuse to conform. I catch recaps on the interweb, and after they voted Chris off, I figured McPhee would win...she of the curves and hair and decent voice. Well, I was totally wrong. Grey-haired Taylor won the pot. I'm fine with that. BUT if he tries to make a career of sounding vaguely like Dave Matthews, like half the recording acts out there nowadays, well, Taylor? I’m gonna knock on your door and knock you out (mama said). Anyway, it’s reported that this week’s American Idol contestants received 63.4 million votes…more votes than in any Presidential election. Now understand, American Idol lets you vote more than once, and the Presidential election, well, hopefully you got to vote at all. But what does that say about us, I mean rilly? That we care more about ‘bread and circuses’ than how our country is run? Fer cryin’. If you don’t vote, if you’ve never voted in an election, from national government to your local school board, you should. Because with the way thing are going, we’ll be lucky if they don’t take away MORE rights and prohibit women, African Americans, and the poor from voting...again. Freedom of the Press is already being given a beating with a billy club, what’s next? (Soap box being shoved under the stairs.) Here endeth the political.

3) I do watch 'Top Chef', and my alternate Fantasy Boyfriend, Harold Dieterle, WON last night! Woo-hoo! So, to honor him, I gave myself a good once-over with him as the fantasy (I was his dessert...yeah.) Oh yeah, that reminds me...uh, guys? Listen, I know most of you are pretty handy, but I just wanted to remind you...if you don't cook, LEARN. 'Cause women love men who can the kitchen as well as the bedroom. Just sayin'....

4) I squealed six minutes ago. That’s because my order of McSweeney’s #19 arrived. OH MAN. You would dig this. McSweeney’s is a quarterly (or so) periodical, chock full of amazing stories from amazing writers. And there’s always a twist…along with the book might be a DVD of independent film clips, or a package of junk mail, or, like today’s precious cargo, a cigar box with war-time information, random photos, and GWBush’s dental records. Not kidding. I giggled with glee and vinegar when I riffled through the box, and can’t wait to tuck the kids in tonight so I can ‘tuck’ into my box. (That sounded dirty, didn’t it? I can make ANYTHING sound dirty...I can make the Friday Poetry/Group Masturbation Blogging Word sound dirty. And I’m sure you can too.)

Hasta manana!


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Cynical Girl said...

I love Harold, but I did feel sorry for Tiffani.


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