Monday, May 22, 2006

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea

I’m having
A day
(you know those days)
when you’re not sure


if you’ll post something witty
or post something stupid
or post

I read my post from last Friday, and honestly, it was as if someone else had written it. I don’t remember the actual writing of words, although I remember sitting at the computer keying as quietly as I could, so Boy-child could sleep off his stomach flu/fever ennui.

Does that mean I’m not a ‘conscious’ writer? Am I “unconscious”?

Or simply ‘forgetful’?

Playing catch-up with everyone’s posts today, while fighting the dogs of work with a baseball bat. The project I was working on last Thursday that MUST get done is now (surprise!) shelved for yet ANOTHER ‘most important’ project that involves me clicking on hundreds of internet links to make sure they work.

Looks okay.
Looks okay.
Looks okay,
Crashes…put on problem report.
Looks okay.

Are ya bored yet? ‘Cause I sure am, bored frickin’ silly and still nowhere near being done, being done by being bored.

Sergei and I took the kids to an arts and crafts fair this weekend, and now I’m sporting a lovely sunburn on the tops of my breasteses. Who knew the sun would be so strong and the day so lovely? Not me. I’m wearing a wine-coloured shirt, and the sunburn looks even worse today.

I have yellow skin.

In that it doesn’t have a pink tone.

Mine is yellow. Ish. More tan than pink.

Which lends itself quite nicely to tanning. Burning too. But tanning it loves most of all.

I have a constant tan line where my wristwatch band lays.
And where my sandles open.

I apparently have a ‘tan’ spot elsewhere on my body that only Sergei can see when I’m positioned just right.

I can see my sunburn in the small mirror propped against my work pc. It’s the only way I can see if someone’s snuck up behind me, and hopefully I can click on something to hide the blog post I’m working on, or the porn poetry I’m reading, or the dinosaur comics.

Now the mirror’s saying, “Cut the crap Mona, you have nothing to say today and you’re rambling. Get back to work.”


It’s right.

I could sure use a nap, tho.


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