Friday, June 16, 2006

Poetry Friday: The Word is "DESIRE"

Hoo-facking-ray for the weekend. Tell ya, I haven't been this happy to see Friday come in a long time.

Poetry Friday...feel free to use the word DESIRE in your blog post today, or audio thing, or nekked picture of yer bum. Please, more nekked bum photos would be much appreciated!

My contributions today are short and sweet.

Have a grand weekend, and an amazing Fathers Day!

Thing 1

Her desire lay smoldering, underneath
Soggy branches of discontent,
Sagging heavily under pines of declining fortune,
Waiting for the trees to rustle oxygen
To stoke the sleeping flames,
To make her hot,
To give the sun a sun to outshine

Thing 2

Um, yeah,
And when I say,
“I want you”,
it’s not so much
that it’s optional,
or a nice idea,
or an item on my ‘to-do’ list

Um, yeah,
What I mean to say is,
“I need you”,
and that’s not even strong enough,
because ‘need’ doesn’t
begin to describe
the feeling

Um, yeah,
I guess I should rather say,
“I desire you”,
which is what you probably already knew
as I untie the bathrobe
you bought me in Quebec ,
the silky one…remember that time?


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