Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tomorrow’s Poetry Friday ‘WORD’, plus a Cuban, $2.69 a gallon

Tomorrow’s Poetry Friday word has plagued me, it popped into my head this morning and I fretted over whether or not to throw it out there. Then, bah, what the hell, thought I’d offer it up. The Poetry Friday (aka Group Blogging Masturbation) word for tomorrow is: DESIRE. Feel free to use the word in your blog post, your audio post, your photo-taking, bread-making, blown-glass blowing, arful porno-making, hip groovy lala postings.

Mark Cuban has a blog. Mark Cuban is starting some new THING. Mark Cuban could hire me to find cool web stuff for him to play with, and I’d be extremely happy.

I filled up with gas yesterday at my usual place, the morning clerk, Sue, is a woman my mom’s age, a little worse for wear than my ma, and very talkative. Yesterday she said something that was the funniest and most poignant thing I’ve heard in a long time. She said, “Well, last year my husband packed up the motor home with his clothes and whatever crap he wanted and left me. This weekend I’m having a garage sale to get rid of the rest of his stuff. Boy will that make me happy!” I then had a clear vision of her husband, who I’ve never met, grumbling behind the wheel of a glorified pop-up trailer, traveling up and down the interstates, trying to find a woman as nice as Sue, and knowing his little late-in-life-crisis made him make a stupid mistake. ‘Cause Sue Rocks. Maybe I’ll try to find her garage sale and see if she’s selling his snowblower….


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Faith said...

Ooh yeah, a snowblower. Go get one of those muthas if Sue has one to sell.


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