Monday, July 10, 2006

The Day Brendan Shanahan Broke My Heart

Well, it’s official. Brendan Shanahan is no longer a Detroit Red Wing.

Hand me that Kleenex, would ya?

I didn’t get into pro hockey until the mid-90s, right before the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in ’97. Shanny always stood out as an awesome player, high scorer, scuffler, hot-guy-with-scars. Sergei bought me a hockey sweater one Christmas, an official one, with Shanny’s name and number on it. I loved that thing. It stood for something, it covered my belly during my second pregnancy and was the prompting for many a high-five at work during hockey season. Shanny was Da Man.

Now he’s bailing, and I want to hit him upside the head. And in his jewels.

What bullshit, “I’m part of Detroit’s past but not part of it’s future”. Bull-facking-shit.

Yzerman’s leaving. Shanny’s leaving. The Red Wings are no more. Not the Red Wings I know, not the Red Wings that introduced me to the sport, not the Red Wings that played with such passion that I had to leave the room during playoffs because I couldn’t handle the suspense.


I’ll have to think of what to do with my hockey sweater.

And. There may be an opening on my Boyfriend List.

Hmmm...that French goalie was pretty frickin’ hot yesterday.


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