Wednesday, July 26, 2006


1) Oy, such a headache I have, and drowning it in caffeine is only making my belly hurt. It’s probably a toom-uh.

2) New programmer at work is EXCELLENT, damn him. Now I’m super-busy and have no time to blog. Feh.

3) Uncannily excited to reach in my purse and pull out a coupon for free pantyliners. Why so excited, you ask? “FREE”. Apparently that’s all it takes.

4) No shit she was insane. And her husband (ex) was a dick.

5) Boy-child is in love…LUV, with curvy hearts around it. We had a potential new babysitter over last night, and she was a DOLL, I mean really, and in the best possible way. Twenty-two, long silky brown hair, tan, thin, beautiful smile, soft voice, engaged the children in conversation, good small-talker with the adults, highly recommend, nurse training, infinitely qualified. Like something out of a book of Babysitter Fairytales. Yeah, we hired her. After she left, I asked Boy-child what he thought about the new babysitter, and I could sense his future in his response, which was his ears turning pink, squelching an excited grin, shuffling from one foot to the next, stammering, “S-She was r-reeeeally, really nice, and fun, and…and…” “And pretty!”, I volunteered, which shot Boy-child’s facial colour to Christmas Day Red. Glimpses of puberty I wasn’t quite ready for, but sensing the boy is a sweet lil' playa.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Cynical Girl said...

Are you talking about the boy child or Sergei???


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