Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poetry Friday "WORD" for tomorrow, plus the empty-nest

Girl-child is carrying around her new 2-lb workout weights this morning, putting on her green tank shirt with the sparkly mirror accents, talkinglikeshesonspeed, and this is the fifth time in two minutes I've said, "Please go brush your teeth." She's a bit excited.

A bit.

The kids are going to their grandparents' house today for a long weekend (and a long weekend alone for Sergei and me).

For several weeks now, Girl-child has been congratulating herself out loud with, "I'm being SO patient about going to grandma and grandpa's house, even though I'm so excited!" Confirming with me, "Aren't I being patient, mama?"

I've heard the word 'patient' a hundred times this week.

Therefore, thereso, and thereto, the Poetry Friday word for tomorrow is "Patient".

Now there are several meanings in that. If you don't mind reading magazines and singing along to the Muzak in your doctor's office, you're being a patient patient.

And I'm sure there's other meanings but Girl-child is now jumping up and down two feet from me and I can't think.


Must go.


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