Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Adam Ant Made Me Sexy, and the Poetry Friday Word for Tomorrow

First thing’s first…the lovely, sexy, and talented Maggie has chosen the Poetry Friday WORD for tomorrow. Go to her site. Go there now. Make sure no one’s looking over your shoulder as you read. Please remember to wipe down your equipment after usage. Maggie…damn, girl…and I’m s’posed to “work” now that I’ve read that? Daaaaamn….

Speaking of sexy…and I was…I had that ‘lightbulb-over-the-head’ experience yesterday. I was Amazon-ing (a new verb, just made it up, you like?), and put a cd in my cart from my younger days, my impressionable teen-college days…my sex-ay days. Got the cd yesterday and ran around the office like a drunken freshman showing all my cool pals. Popped that sucker in the cd player and immediately flushed with excitement. Because it hit me…this was the cd that made me SEXY.

Kings of the Wild Frontier”.

It’s not just that Adam Ant (or Adam and the Ants, as they were) gender-bent with makeup and that Pirate/Native American garb kick.

It wasn’t just the accent (if I could, I would make a lover of The British Accent).

It wasn’t just the thumping drumbeat or the “oy-oy-oy” of the British Working Class.

It wasn’t just lyrics like, “I want your roughhouse baby/I want this night in your ear/Let me feel your danger/I want to make this feeling clear/I want the touch of your charms/The heat of your breath/I want to say all those things/(those dirty things)/That would be better unsaid…” (Nine Inch Nails covered this song as a ‘hidden track’ and that made me gooshy all over again in a different way.)

It wasn’t one or another of these things.

It was ALL these things.

It was me disrobing in a dorm room with beer and vodka in the background and youthful fumblings aside. It was new grinding and groping and things whispered in ears whilst moaning. It was stifling screams, and sometimes not. It was not being afraid.

(Lightbulb…A-ha!) So THAT’S the stuff I remember turning me on to my own sexuality…Adam Ant prancing around in pirate boots and eyeliner.

Go figure.


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So there in lie the roots of it all ehh?

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

This explains volumes. And thanks for the super descriptive words and giving me the chance to choose the word for tomorrow! Yay!
Ooh, and I love: "disrobing in a dorm room", "new grinding and groping". Very hot yourself.


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