Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It’s your money that we want and your money we shall have

1) It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! This day always reminds me of Adam Ant. Am I the only one who remembers “Kings of the Wild Frontier”? If I had any html sense, I'd find a way to put an mp3 of "Jolly Roger" here, but…aaargh, I be a scurvy wench....

2) I watched Studio 60 last night. Whatta cast! I realized as I watched it that I knew one of the actors…we’d partied (like it was 1999) years ago, back when I was more theatrical and we were all much, much younger. I’m several degrees of separation from past Fantasy Boyfriend, Bradley Whitford. Wah! I wanna be on a show like that…wahwahwah!…write snazzy dialogue for ME, Aaron Sorkin!

3) I’m taking Pisser’s advice and buying some of that gorgeous silk material for a scarf. I did go by the fabric store yesterday to touch it. There was some chippy eyeing it, though, she better not have bought the entire bolt, or I will have to track her down and cat-fight her for it.

4) I think I’m eating too little to lose weight. Which doesn’t make ANY sense. I figured out yesterday how many calories a day I usually consume and, according to several online articles and reports, my body is prolly going into starvation mode and refusing to drop lbs. Much like my stubborn 6-year old refusing bedtime by hiding behind the couch and emiting that scream-whine that gets on Your Last Nerve. What gives? I mean, calories is calories, right? 3600 calories make up a pound, if you eat that many less or burn off that many, you should lose, right? What’s with the ‘starvation’ thing, man? Haven’t we transcended that, as humans? Doesn’t my aging flesh realize that in five minutes, I can be at any number of restaurants that would be glad to serve me high-calorie entrees and that decadent chocolate thingy for dessert? ‘Starvation mode’ is NOT something I presently need to worry about…isn’t there a toggle switch somewhere I can flick off? Drrrr…or, rather, ARGHHHHH.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger karmicjaydeux said...

I be talkin' like it for all that it be worth..

I think I’m eating too little to lose weight.

I guess there is not one size fits all mode for this. I have been eating too little too but I seem to be dropping lbs. I am constantly a little hungry. I think it keeps me sharp too. Ya I am wierd that way. It must be the fact that the house we bought has a gym with weight machines and I am addicted to this now. *A* called me a narcissist and I think she was only half joking. Oy!

Will the cat fight over the fabric be televised? ;)

At 1:24 PM, Blogger karmicjaydeux said...

On second thoughts I think it may not be about calories alone. It's what constitutes those calories and how much of them come from fats, sugars, carbs. Also depends on the percentage of these in your daily intake.
Some exercise a week will also help.
If it helps here is my wierd diet in a nutshell..

Bowl of oatmeal.
Tea with quarter spoon of sugar.
Bagel with humus or similar spread (no cheese).

half a can of coke.
1-2 energy bars or a fruit or two.

1 Naan bread
Veggies/ Meat or a salad
Dessert optional (maybe a small scoop of ice cream)

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

The scarf be a great idea, but ye catfight be even better. Do tell how much o' the wench's hair be landing in your possession.

Studio 60 gave me head a spin like a fine bottle o' rum. But alas, me cable we shut down and now I be sheddin' tears in me ale.

Pass me the gruel and report when ye find that toggle switch!

How'd I do?


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