Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Waiting for the Big Boom

On one episode of Mythbusters, host Jamie Hyneman declares, before blowing up a cell phone or some-such, “Jamie wants big boom.”

(Couldn’t find the video, but lovely YouTube offers up Jamie’s desire for Big Boom with this cement truck escapade. Hehhehheh. I love when they blow up stuff.)

I had that phrase in my head yesterday...Big Boom.

And then...horrors of bloody 80s horrors...my brain segued to the lyrics of that Escape Club song..."screamin' in the back room/waitin' for the big boom"...and then this morning I FOUND the video, which made me reel. You MUST check this out. At the time, I'm sure this was pretty high-tech video stuff, but now it makes me glad Big Hair is gawn.

Anyhow, having been a Mythbusters afficionado for quite some time, it struck me as odd that I found my latest Fantasy Boyfriend in it's rank and file. Oh sure, I've rotated Jamie and Adam Savage through the 'Floater' position in the Fantasy Boyfriend list, and Kari Byron...well...she would fit nicely in my 'Stranded-on-a-Desert-Island-Same-Sex' Fantasy List. But after seeing one particularly fetching Mythbusters episode last week, I had to...just HAD to...temporarily at least...replace Floater Fantasy Boyfriend Daniel Craig with...

...Grant Imahara.

Grant's cute. More importantly, Grant's smart. Like, engineer smart. He worked for ILM. He designed Energizer Bunny movements AND operated R2D2 in the Star Wars prequels. And he builds combat robots and wrote a book about it. Plus, well, like I said...cute. He's also pretty funny. And does an impressive imitation of Jamie Hyneman. What's not to love about that?

Now, you'll have to excuse me, as I have important engineering fantasies to devise in my sick little head, perhaps of Grant needing someone with my specific talents to help test-drive the myth of a functional Orgasmatron....


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Mr. Don said...

Is that a sliderule in my pocket, or am I just glad to see you?

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Serra said...

I had to play that video about three times--I love that song, which makes me a big haired geek too. It was all I could do not to put the video up on my blog (now that I figured out how).

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you make me want to check out who Kari Byron is.

I would lvoe to take a peel inside that eevil head of yours. :-)


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