Monday, December 17, 2007

Holy Crappin’ Hell

I can’t really call myself a blogger if I never blog, right?

I suck.
I suck very well, thankyouverymuch.

Lessee, what’s been happenin’…stress. Yeah. Stress happening. Multiple family birthdays and Christmas and Girl-child wanted a menorah (which I found, like fate, on December 6 on the sale rack, which everyone in the store then coveted). Work is hell. School is hell. Shopping…I NEVER want to shop again. I don’t like it in the first place, but with birthdays-and-Christmas-and-parties-and-carinsurancedue-and-and-AND…I can’t stand it.

I’ve added and subtracted Fantasy Boyfriends. Here are the two latest Rotators. Yum. So that keeps me busy.

Sergei gave me the ‘bidness’, which always makes me happy.

And my breasteses keep a-fallin’ out all over the place, and I’ve discovered the true joy of bras that cost more than $10. Oh yes, they are totally worth the price…now the girls are high and comfortable.