Friday, February 29, 2008

Poetry Friday: The Word is DANCE...Part 1

I'm half-expecting to be called any second now, with the news that school is closed and handsome Sergei has to be in court and I need to slog home through our 2-4 inches of expected snow to be with the kids for another Snow Day. I've tried to keep up a cheerful countenance, but I'm not in the mood. I'm foul and disgusted and inert and smoldering. I am HATIN' on this Winter like a bitey dog. I'm tired of never seeing the sun. I hate not being able to MOVE my gorram body through the streets. Nothing is shiny shiny except the ice, thwarting my every step.

All the more reason to Dance, isn't it?

Today's Poetry Friday Word is DANCE. Feel free to use it in your blog post today in whatever two-step bends your ankle...poem, photo, story, lecture series, song styling, sonnet, haiku, x-rated snow sculpture....

I'm posting videos here now, with something else to follow. Soon as I have more coffee and shake the Ever-Lovin' Hate of Winter from my head.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

"When We Were Kings" (if you haven't seen this movie...GO...WATCH...Norman Mailer: "I'm gonna dance and dance".)

Genesis (totally 90s cute + Weird Al)


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Irrelephant said...

"Gorram." Has anyone told you that you're sexy when you use curse words from uber-sci-fi-geek shows? *lol*

My deepest sincere apologies for missing out on this PF installment...I feel like I'm resting on my laurels but truth be told I was in a car driving 6 1/2 hours to northern Texas for a dog show Friday.

Excellent installments, by the way! Going to spend this morning playing catch-up.


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