Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poetry Friday WORD for Tomorrow: Chapter 2: Goes to Eleven

Barreling ahead in our Poetry Friday Exploration of the Senses, I come to the ears. This morning I stood sleeping in front of the mirror, continuing a dream I just woke from, having a silent, imaginary conversation with a co-worker, wherein I said something like “It’s an aural experience”, and wondering if my friend would understand the word “aural” was NOT the same as the word “oral”, and that it wasn’t something she could do to her boyfriend. Heh. I recently saw an episode of "Family Guy” that showed cartoon ear sex, which I still don’t fully understand the appeal of, and I’m pretty perverted.

Ah well.

The Poetry Friday Word/Theme for tomorrow is all about HEARING. EARS. LISTENING. Did you ever overhear a conversation that you wish you hadn’t? Ever get drunk and let your roommate pierce your ear using a straight pin, a potato, an ice cube, and liberal amounts of whiskey? Ever hear a song and hum it for days before you realized it was the Muzak version of “Do You Think I’m Sexy”? Or maybe that's just me...all me.

Feel free to inject your blog post tomorrow with thoughts, ponderings, and creative musings revolving around our sense of Hearing. Stories, poems, songs, band recommendations, dirty limericks, clean jokes, whatever tugs your lobes.

While I grab some more hot tea to stave off the sore throat that is clawing its way down the back of my throat, I leave you with this handsome ditty:


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

rock on Mona baby!
Hey, had to move my blog, yes I did....

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Vulgar Wizard said...

I think I might start trying Poetry Friday . . . although I'm not a poet and can't write a poem . . . Irrelephant doesn't write 'em, so I figure I can come up with something, right? Mebbe? Or not?


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