Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quarter moons and tea spoons

1) I'm shedding. I took a sip of coffee out of the giant piggy mug that Gary made me, and as I drew the cup away a giant hair (my own, thankfully) hung between my lip and the mug. A foot long, or longer. Just like when your mouth is numb during dental work and they shove Mr. Squirty in your mouth and say, "Swish and spit!", and you're left with strings of saliva tethering you to the silver basin, unable to be broken or moved.

2) Talking about spit is vulgar. And yet, I talk.

3) Boy-child is eleven, nearly 12, and is having a crisis. He's suddenly distracted, his school work is not his usual stellar quality, he complains constantly about being stressed, and his voice has a constant cry in it. I sat down with him last night and went over some homework. He was in bad shape. We decided that, in the interest of grades, he would bow out of being Sergei's assistant coach to Girl-child's soccer team and, instead, spend that time at home doing homework, reading, and relaxing. I think my boy is growing up. I can smell puberty around the corner, and I am a-feared.

4) I have started plotting and planning for Christmas already and have made purchases. The other day I invited Sergei's mom and her husband to our house for Thanksgiving. Girl-child and I are looking at themed cups and invitations for her birthday in January. I am clearly not thinking in the here and now.

5) Yesterday morning the kids talked me into stopping at Local Coffee Shop on the way to school, so they could get Hot Caramel Apple Ciders. (Oh, they looked heavenly.) I said, what the hell, and got myself a latte. After drinking it I had such a feeling of, oh, well-being...and strength...and optimism. The crappy coffee at work doesn't stand up against freshly-ground, freshly steamed milky goodness. I thought, Dammit, why don't I do this every day? Then I remembered why...$4 a day for a cup of coffee, that's why. $120 a month, that's why. So here I sit, with my crappy work coffee, with hairs in it.

6) Think Geek is teh awesome. I picked out stuff for my birthday from the latest catalog. This morning I got an email and now have things to ask for Christmas...this...and this (watch the video)....


At 8:22 AM, Blogger jo(e) said...

Sounds like Boy-child might have a crush.

Boys are just so cute at that age.

I'm booking that ThinkGeek page for when I have to Christmas shop for my kids ....

At 8:38 AM, Blogger patches said...

Train your fish sounds like a euphemism.

$120 a month for coffee or $120 a month for therapy?

i guess it depends on which feeling of well being lasts longer.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger meno said...

3)be afraid, be very afraid!

4) You are planning for Christmas already? I hate you!

6) I love Think Geek!

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

ok boy child is about the same age as B (he turned 12 in August). Yeah, things are about to get rocky. Actually, we went through a huge whiny, angsty phase this summer, and now find myself in this weird dream world where he is doing everything I ask, not complaining and appreciating things. Either an alien got to him or something is about to go bust. I'll keep you posted.

If you get that fish thing, I want videos of your fish!


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