Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As a Teenager, I Had a Pair of Panties That Said "Thirst-Day", Alongside a Picture of a Tall Glass of Lemonade

The days are morphing into each other. I've spent every night for the past whatever nights researching for my School Board Kindergarten Study Group. I've called and met with teachers, the local planning committee, school districts in and around Michigan, a local developer, and sent/received hundreds of emails. Oh yeah, and there's also the 40-hour a week paid job, and two kids with busy schedules, and a husband I'd like to bonk more often. Sleep? I don' need no stinkin' sleep.

Tomorrow morning and early afternoon, Thursday by my calendar, the Girl-child's kindergarten class has their first field trip, which I will chaperone. We're going to a pumpkin patch, where we will traipse around a glorious viney field to pick our own orange balls of sunshine, go on a hayride, make autumn crafts, eat box lunches, snarf donuts and cider, and generally celebrate autumn. And then Girl-child spends the rest of the day at school and I have to go to work. Later that night I have my Study Group meeting, where I plan to kick ass with my awesome presentation and myriad of statistics.

And my butt just keeps a-spreading ever wider as I use my brain for good and not my body for pleasure. I want to stop thinking so much and just go swimming or something. My legs have atrophied from all this computer business, I tell you what.

Soon I hope to visit your blogs and chat, but for now, I just hope I can keep it together for a few more days....


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