Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Morning Quickie

Work is killing me, gah! Random thoughts, quickly, before the boss sees me:

1) I call dibs. Newest boyfriend is Chris Garver (and click 'Chris Garver' video), the wise man from “Miami Ink”. Damn, he’s hot. There’s the tattoos, yes, but he’s balding in a yummy way, he has dimples and a gap between his front teeth, nice pecs, long eyelashes over those full eyes, great voice, great ass, a leftie, and he acts like a regular guy. He’s mine…YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM.

2) Possible boyfriend: Greg Behrendt. Comedian. Sergei and I watched him on Comedy Central last night and I laughed my aging white ass off. ‘Cause this dude is my age and wonders aloud if he’s too old to be cool. Which is what I wonder. Every. Damn. Day.

3) G4 had the guy from oneredpaperclip on yesterday. Interesting premise. And he’s Canadian, which I lurv.

4) This freaks me out. USDA satellites spying on farmers fields? What’s next, spying on playgrounds? Old folks homes? IT folks while they blog and pretend to work? (uh…oh….)

5) I’ve found that if I hurry and get ready in the morning, before the kids’ alarms go off, I can disrobe and crawl back in bed with Sergei and spoon for a good 10 minutes. And if the Crimson Permanent Assurance isn’t about to sail (which she is, goddammit), maybe get a little nooky. Now that’s better than a pot of coffee to wake me up.

6) We woke this morning to freezing rain. FREEZING. I skated out to the car. The roads, unfortunately, were just wet, so I'm working. I’m counting on the weather forecast of “4-6 inches of snow tonight” to create a lovely snow day tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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