Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wha’ happen?

Well, I’m back in the world again.

So my eyes are telling me.

My butt’s telling me it would be more comfortable in sweats and napping on the couch.

The kids went back to school today, the spouse and I are at our respective jobs, the earth continued rotating on its wobbly axis, and the holiday season is officially OVER. Thank Jeebus.

I think for a while there, I was getting dangerously close to collapsing. Too much, too soon, the work the kids the parties the school board the birthdays the trips the shopping the planning the cooking the eating the shopping the shopping the shopping….FACK! My “To-Do” list was 2 notebook pages long (college-ruled), and I obsessed like I do every damn minute of every damn day. It wasn’t until yesterday that I FINALLY felt ‘caught up’. And where were those ‘vacation days’ I was gonna wile away, lolling around on the couch with the kids, eating popcorn and making endless snowmen in the fresh snow? Gone. Pffffft.

Fack again.

My “To-Do” list is now on a post-it note, 6 items that can be accomplished with phone calls, internet exploration, and one plea to the Roto-Rooter guy.

I stopped eating crap today. Crappity crap crap like sugar and white bread and stuff. I’m working on the most delish salad with tuna and feta and tomatoes so fresh they !pop! in my mouth. For some strange reason, even though I ate literally everything I laid eyes on from November 1 through January 2, this morning the scales said I only gained 2 lbs. TWO???!?!? Yes. I have a feeling that my new thyroid meds are actually !working! now, the glorious au natural pig chemicals finally tweaked my brain (not unlike a harpist plucking a plucky chord) such that my body finally remembers…A-HA!!! I’m supposed to be quick! Yoiks!

Anywho. The wild IT boys are calling me, which reminds me of a t-shirt I saw on G-4 that I must seek out, purchase, and wear: “Talk Nerdy To Me”.

(When the Girl-Child and I played my new Mystery Date game over the holidays, I squealed with rabid delight when I opened the little white door to discover my uber-geek date…Ooh, code for me, you little minx, slap me with sql, convert me to html, you sexy, sexy beast!)


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