Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Finally, fer cryin' out loud, I've updated the static part of this blog (waving hand in "Price Is Right" model pose to your right, ladies and gentlemen).

These uber-cool bloggers have been enrolled in the Mona Buonanotte Site for Daily Clicks:

After School Snack (she's just a witty basket of information and good readin')
Botanical Girl (college life meets real life -- engaged! woo-hoo!)
Bugg (Seattle...sigh!)
Cannot Be Trusted (music, politics, pop culture)
Elliot (SUCH a good writer! tha grooviest cat...I want to tousel his hair....)
Figleaf's Real Adult Sex (Oh, the sex talk...the adult sex talk...I was gonna keep him a secret until Orange blogrolled him, so I guess he's fair game now!)
Gypsy (funny. smart. goddess.)
SVN, prn (my favorite nurse!)

Also, Hard Core Punk Rock got the update, yo.

The "Gone, Not Forgotten" section contains links (functional or not) of folks who've left, vamoosed, scrammed, or disappeared. I miss y'all, and will check back from time to time, just to see if you've reappeared.

The "Geek Lust" section now contains links to Rathergood and Dinosaur Comics.

I've updated "Five Freebie Lays" (after months and months of lusting and fantasizing, I must say), and added "Past Floater Boyfriends". Yes, I know this needs more explanation.



Okay, here goes.


I'm numbering just because.

1) Five Freebie Lays - Floater - Les Stroud. If you get the Science Channel, you'll recognize him as "Survivorman". If you click the link to the right and look at his face, then back up and click the link to Mike Doughty above it, you'll notice that they were separated at birth. Same facial structure, same hair, same pout. So sue me! "Survivorman" shows Les doing some really out-there stuff, spending a week alone in some desolate location with only cameras, a swiss army knife, and a few items, stranded. And sometimes, if I'm very lucky, he takes off his clothes. AND he's Canadian. Man, I loves me some Canadians! (Brendan Shanahan, oh baby!) I tell you what, if Les were to build me a shelter of pine boughs and find wild berries and nuts and fresh water for me whilst we frittered away (just fritterin'!) a whole week alone, skinny-dipping in a mountain stream, well...I'd just be a walking orgasm. (*More* of a walking orgasm.)

2) Five Freebie Lays - Potential - Alan Tudyk. Okay, yes, I have five 'boyfriends'. But that doesn't mean I can't keep my eyes open for new meat. "Potential" means just that...a few fantasies here and there, but yet to be rotated in. Back in October, I drug the IT guys to a movie, "Serenity". Alan played "Wash", and gar! Sexy! (Oh, gar, he was Steve the Pirate in "Dodgeball", and now do you see why the attraction? Sci-fi! Pirates! Another blonde! Yes! OH YES!!)

3) Five Freebie Lays - Potential - John Saunders. If you're up on a Sunday morning, and, like me, a heathen, you'll find The Sports Reporters on ESPN. John hosts, and he's one smart, funny, handsome man. Big man. Yum. He's got twinkly eyes, and broad shoulders, and his voice is just like buttah on a biscuit...smooth, hearty, soothing. I swear, all I'd need is 10 minutes alone with him...ten.... Okay, twenty. At least. I've gotta see what's underneath that tailored suit....

4) Past Floater Boyfriend: Kirk Herbstreit. One-third of the "College Game-Day Guys". I was never really attracted to blonde men until I saw him on this show a few years ago, then...hubba frickin' hubba! He's really not my usual type, he's too pretty, too sweet, too perky. BUT. Daaaaamn. Now, every year, during college football season, Kirk is my Floater Boyfriend. Every. Year.

5) Past Floater Boyfriend: Jason Statham. A quick in-and-out boyfriend, but he may rotate back in. What is it about tough muscular bald guys that makes my cooter just tingle? Delish.

6) Past Floater Boyfriend: Peter Sarsgaard. I can't find the post where I gushed about him. Just look at his eyes. You'll understand this pick...bedroom eyes...sweet little thangs,

Well, that's it. I was gonna go to bed early tonight, but HAH!


At 12:26 PM, Blogger gone said...

Thanks for the link up Mona. I'll go back and reciprocate just as soon as I get back to Blogrolling. You are so nice.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Hey, Mona, I may be able to persuade Mr. Tangerine to write up some geekspeak for you. Remind me, though—where might we find your photo (purple cami) in the archives? He may need a little inspiration.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Bugg said...

Thanks for the props, I feel special today! :)
You only love me because I've escaped from Michigan and landed in Seattle.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger figleaf said...

Thanks, Mona. You're sweet. I mean hot. I mean kind. I mean... thanks for the link!

Take care,


At 5:10 PM, Blogger BotanicalGirl said...

Thanks for the link and the comment on the engagement :)

Technically I'm in grad school, but I'm still at a college, so it's all good.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Elliot said...

Thank your own superstar self for the shout out and link up. Yer powerful cool.

So, I'm in the club now. Where do you keep the vodka--nudge, nudge--tha GOOD vodka, I mean?

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Elliot said...

And, I think I can spare about three dreads for you. Let me know where I can send them. I'll include some scalp for free!

Okay, that was too much...

At 7:31 PM, Blogger SVN, prn said...

First, Mona THANKS! I am humbled that my blog mentor (you) mentioned me *blush* I really do enjoy how you mix your life/work/kids with the passion you and Serge share. You are an inspiration as a woman, mom and wife. I hope someday to find a equally HOT and exciting spouse.

My blog being a bit different and/or specific, I actually didn't think many folks outside of the profession (students/nurses) actually read it so again, THANKS! Someday, I will swap over to a new blog and write about my work and personal experiences.

and Elliot *eww* --once I did see a girl fight in HS where there were braids flying in the air (and yes, some with scalp attached!)

Happy 2006 to you!!

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Mona Buonanotte said...

Cannot Be Trusted: Yer shoutout of Mitch Hedberg made me laugh and laugh and feel really sad we lost him. Thanks fer that.

Orange: That would be this post, m'dear: and I think it's time I took another photo.

Bugg: Damn right! Although it was rainy and in the 40s today in Mee-she-gun, a bit chillier than Seattle and not as much fun!

Figleaf: I've gotta sign on to Flickr to see more photos...that one from today made me gooshy all frickin' day....

BotGirl: One of my shakras longs to be in grad I'm living vicariously thru you!

Elliot: Dood, keep the dreads, just bend yer head over here for a sec...ah!...yeah, that's nice...! Oh, and the booze is in the cupboard up *there*...Skye vodka, Basil Hayden whiskey, a black scotch called Loc Dhu, oh, and crap rum and tequila and gin. Bring some gin! GOOD gin!

svn, prn: If Sergei had a brother, I'd totally set you up w/him! And thanks for the medical comments you've made on my various posts, it's like you're my own nurse line!

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Pisser said...

I don't know anyone else who's married, and ESPECIALLY not with kids, who has this kind of energy. I want some of whatever you're on. It's all I can do to stay awake half the time to rub one off to whoever I'm fixating on at the time, and there's usually just the one. It's all I can handle.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

If you ever go visit the Gypsy, she's a blog-pal of mine, and lives in the same town as m'self. Let me know and I'm sure we'll both buy you drinks aplenty. Unless you have Sergei with you of course, in which case we'll probably flirt with him instead. Sorry. Them's the breaks! hehe

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Cynical Girl said...

Thanks x2.

Glad to be updated & glad to stay in the same state as you.

The state of... lust for Peter Sarsgaard?


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