Monday, November 20, 2006

Spilling Guttage

1) So I don’t post, or post lamely, for days on end, and then POOF! (Or BANG!, or WHAM!) I have a million things to say. WTF, I ask myself.

2) The boss brings in bagels every Monday, and I just cut open a sesame seed one with a very sharp knife, and seeds went POW!, all over my papers, in my coffee, and jeebus-knows-where else. I am a dangerous weapon today, and very delicious.

3) This Thursday and Friday I’ll be stuffing my face like a silly cow, and so probably won’t post, unless I roll my stuffing-and-sweet-potato-filled mass to the computer. So Poetry Friday will be a DIY affair…Choose Your Own Word!

4) I’m also taking Wednesday off, but to do that, I’m working 11 hours today and 9 hours tomorrow. Yea, verily, that sucketh mightily, but at least there’s free coffee and seeded breakfast foods to keep me going. So a post on Wednesday is iffy.

5) Lil’ Miss Crafty here made jewelry over the weekend to send to the mothers-in-law, who both have birthdays in the next few weeks. After I made some rather fetching glass candy earrings, Girl-child said wistfully to me, “I wish YOU had pierced ears, Mama.” I felt my face scrunch up. “But I DO have pierced ears!”, I told her. She, of course, didn’t believe me, as one of the things I gave up doing after birthin’ babies (besides pole dancing and long-haul truckin’) was wearing earrings. So I did a sort of “Harrumphhh” thing, and made myself some earrings, dammit, and stood in front of the bathroom mirror, wondering if I’d end up re-piercing myself into a bloody heap, as it’s been years since I wore anything in my ear lobes. Luckily, I develop scar-tissue easily, and the posts slid in my lobes like, well, like some sort of high-production-value porn thing. (Ooh, Mona, metaphorically, that was sad.) It was beautiful. Later that night as we sat on the couch, Girl-child looked over at me and said, “You don’t look like my mama anymore!” “Do I look like a movie star?”, I asked (because of course I was baiting the poor child), and she replied, “YES, you do!” So now I guess I should revamp my Christmas list to include “Movie Star Earrings”.

6) I had one of those WOW flashbacks this morning, and nearly had to pull my car to the side of the road to contemplate life, or something. When I was a kid, and we’d go a-visiting until bedtime, or have some school or sports or churchy thing at night, we’d travel home on country roads and the farmhouses along the way all had mercury lights at the side door of the house, and over the door of the barn. There’s nothing that glows quite like ‘em. I remember riding in my dad’s car and staring at each mercury light until it faded in the distance, and then I’d scan the horizon for the next one. They kind of scared me, actually, ‘cause I knew the farmers could catch bad guys if they came in the light. (Was that even what they were for? I don’t even know.) On my way to work this morning, I passed a farmhouse that had their mercury light on, and due to the time of year, or the way the light stood starkly against the dark sky, or maybe that I just need more sleep, I was thrown back in time to the back seat of my dad’s car, coming home from Grandma’s house, full and tired and excited that Christmas was coming. Now I have that Santa feeling in my guttiwuts. Fighting with the sesame seed bagel.


At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved your post, you do write well.
You make earrings? Thats amazing. They do make you look different. I think they make a woman look more alluring (depending on what they are). I guess I am a sucker for those eh?
Have a happy and safe thanksgiving.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Serra said...

I hear what you're saying about earrings--the second it looked like my daughter was going to pull one out of my ear (perhaps thru the skin-OW!) they came out out out!

At 5:57 PM, Blogger RunLuluRun said...

#6 - That is a great memory. It always felt so safe to ride in the back of the car home from holiday visits. I never wanted the ride to end.


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