Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poetry Friday Word for Tomorrow, Plus Let It Snow!

The Poetry Friday Word for Tomorrow is a tiny bit of nothing, and yet it can mean everything.

It can be said as a question
as a statement
an emphatic response
a cunning come-on.

It can bring you
let you

haunt you,
tease you,
make you want to love,
make you want to hate.

The Poetry Friday Word for Tomorrow is…NO.

That’s it.


A two-letter word that has more meanings and implications than you can shake a bird in the hand with (I’m really getting into mixed metaphors…and ending sentences with prepositions…with.).

Feel free to use this handy little linguistic device in whatever hot-blooded form dances around the bonfire of your brain…poem, story, picture, recipe for coq au vin, childhood memory, pattern for knitting the perfect pink sweater….

I was praying and charring burnt offerings up last night hoping that some Divine Intervention out there would dump snow in my city…dump, as in, a foot or so, for the pure selfish reason that I wanted a Snow Day. SNOW DAY! Jeebus, how those words ring joy in my beating heart! Primarily, it means sleeping in. Then it means ventures outside, shoveling the sidewalk and making snow creatures, hot chocolate and popcorn and silly movies with the kids. Then a warm lunch, warm naps, warm cuddling with the kitty. Snow Days are like hitting the Pause button…whatever Big Scene was coming up would just have to wait, for a day, til you were good and ready.

Unfortunately, we only got a small smattering of snow, on top of our several inches of existing snow, and the snowplows were out doing their dastardly duty. A Snow Day was not to be. I take small solace in the fact that it’s almost Friday, almost the weekend, and almost time to take all the warm stuff I can find and cram it under my afghan and squeeze onto the couch.

See y’all tomorrow for Poetry Friday!


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

My preliminary offering:

"No Dottie, I'm a loner, a rebel"

That movie was so much fun. Like the scene where they sing "Deep in the heart of Texas"

Good times, good times


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