Friday, July 25, 2008

Poetry Friday: Summer

Today's Poetry Friday Word isn't a Word. Bah, I'm gettin' tricky on ya, huh? The Poetry Friday, er, Idea for the Week is about Summer. What makes summer...SUMMER...for you? Feel free to expound upon this idea today in your blog post, in whatever form shakes the peaches from your tree...story, poem, photo, lyrical masterpiece, view of your lovely tanned extremities....

Summer to me is food.

It's hot dogs and Mom's potato salad (the best on the Planet, I tells ya) and chocolate chip cookies and lemonade, then the crushing weight of having to wait an hour before I go swimming.

It's stopping at the local Ice Cream Shack and eating a cone, or parfait, or sundae, simultaneously nursing the cooling goodness and snarfing it down to temper the inevitable ice-cream-down-the-arm effect.

It's fruits and vegetables, seemingly endless, that appear in grocery stores, and on tables at work with a "Free!" sign, which I lovingly and hoggingly scoop up and turn into dinner.

It's the smell of barbeques.

It's the smell of shelled peas.

It's the smell of fairs and festivals, elephant ears and french fries, and the Chicken Dinner sponsored by the local Kiwanis.

I must stop now, as the drool is pooling up on the keyboard....


At 9:44 PM, Blogger patches said...

Summer is all that and a water balloon fight.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Damn woman, now I'm hungry. Not good for dieting.

Summer foods I love:

ice cream sandwiches
strawberries and cream
fresh lemonade
nectarine juices running down your arm



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