Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boom chicka

Yeah. Just as you suspected when you came here Wednesday. NO blog. Damn firewall. BUT my wonderful IT friend called their software help line today and they're 'working on getting it fixed'. When I mentioned to my friend that NONE of my links to anything with a extension worked, he nodded and said, "Yeah, none of mine worked either." AH-HA!!!! So he reads blogs.


He's also our security guy, so he can see everywhere I've gone.


He's a good enough friend that he wouldn't make a big deal out of me reading blogs during the workday. Whew.

Thursday is hell day. Officially. I have a dentist appointment, the girl-child has a doctors appointment, I have an early-morning company breakfast that I have to attend, and taekwondo, OH, and working as many hours as I can, of course, and then a meeting tomorrow night of the parents group that met to keep our full-day kindergarten program, among other things. We're circling the wagons and sharpening our arrows.

So. I'll try to post something Thursday night for Poetry Friday. 'Cause apparently I do better when I'm tired and stressed. I. Should. Be. Fucking. Brilliant!!


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