Thursday, February 09, 2006

Le Bitch

Everything’s cheesing me off this morning, to the point where I think I should just go home, crawl in bed, and try again tomorrow.

The kids dawdled too much this morning. Girl-child didn’t think wearing a short skirt in 10 degree weather was a problem. Boy-child insisted on wearing layers upon layers, and couldn’t even see out the front of his hooded sweatshirt. Okay. Whatever. Freeze or sweat, it’s your body. I will NOT come to the school with extra clothes when you complain.

Stupid Michigan drivers. Okay, when it snows (snow is that white stuff that falls from the sky, Cletus) you are SUPPOSED to brush and scrape the snow and ice off your car. Dickweed. When you DON’T, you can’t see anyone. When you change lanes, and your visibility is limited to the 2inchby2inch window of snow you scraped off with your mitten, well, you’re just asking for a gory accident with a garbage truck, buddy. And when that happens, Karma will relax the rules and let me taunt you as I pass by your mangled body, and I will flip you off and scream with glee, “I told you so, you fuckin’ asswipe!”

Sergei was going to take Girl-child to see the doctor today about a headache she had (but doesn’t anymore), when Sergei called to tell me HE was going to the hospital for himself. Dizzy spells. I’m guessing either a virus from all the Creeping-Crud going through the community, or maybe the weight loss, or maybe something with his heart. And I’m freaking out about any and all of those and worse.

Everything hurts today. I just checked my calendar and the Crimson Permanent Assurance should set sail this weekend. Just in time for me to be horrendously gross and disgusting at the Self-Defense Seminar I was going to go to (but may not now). We’re out of yogurt and noodles and soda, today is filled with work and taekwondo and rustlin’ kids hither and yon, and I have neither the time nor the patience to brave the frozen north to go to the grocery store with my ever-growing list.


I’ll stop complaining now, and let my boss use me for my mind.


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