Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poetry Friday Word for Tomorrow, plus Mona gits it on, chick-style

Something happened this week, which I am not going to detail because it’s really HIS story, but An Event occurred this week that shook the foundation of the Clankhoff/Buonanotte household. We’re fine, don’t freak, but there were a couple days of frantic panic and excitement and OhMyFackingGawd and CrapDamn.

I so need a drink.

The emotional roller-coaster ride is still not over, there’s a few loop-de-loops and spirals and vertical drops yet to ride through, but at least we can see the station house in the distance and know there’s corn dogs waiting on the other side. What the hell am I using amusement park analogies for?

The Poetry Friday Word for this week is SURPRISE. No surprise, eh?

Feel free to use the word SURPRISE in your blog post tomorrow, in whatever form causes you to jolt upright from your bed and wonder which century you’re in…story, poem, photo, audio post, pottery collection, tooth collection, unexpected erection….

Maggie made me muse today.

She is eluding to something I connect with. Which, I believe, is “picking a team”.

Or kissing a girl.
Or boffing a girl.
Or something-something a girl.

Back in my younger days…college…and then again to a small degree later…I had occasion to get physical with a woman. (My Spidey-Senses tell me some of you menfolk are listening intently now…you want details??) Yes, there was kissing. Yes, there was touching. And yes, there was intimate rubbing of parts and general experimentation with what-goes-where. It was all good, but y’know…my girly bits loves the men. Loves ‘em. Craves ‘em. The images of naked male bodies run through my head 24/7 (which I’m sure is a male trait, and which I’ve co-opted for my own sensual pleasures). The experiences I had with women only served to reinforce my deep gushing desire for the dick.

Sounds dirty, dunnit?

I’m interested to know if y’all have “tried out for the other team”. You don’t have to comment, can if you want, but if you haven’t experimented…would you?

(I was listening to a sex therapist the other day, I think I missed my calling…doh…another fantastic career missed.)


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Irrelephant said...

What, no pictures? No video? Not even a .wav file? *sigh*

I've always thought that 99% of women are about one strong drink away from a lesbian experience, and past experience with drunk lady friends has helped further my research into this exciting and... heh... titilating field. I would think that it'd be the same for men if the social stigma against homosexuality in men wasn't so extraordinarily powerful.

Truthfully? The only time I got anywhere near a male-on-male experience was back in grade school and when the moment arrived: "You wanna touch it?" I got disgusted and walked off. Sorry, no hot man on man experiences in my book.

Let's face it, I love women FAR too much to want to bother with men. Men are hairy and smelly and muscular and hurtful. Me, I love me some women. All their soft bits and their warm bits and the way they giggle when I do that thing with my tongue...

At 10:56 AM, Blogger meno said...

When i was seventeen (you can sing that bit if you want);
I fell in deep crush with a 24 year-old woman. We never did anything sexual, but there was a lot of cuddling and sleep-overs. I think she was waiting for me to make a move, and as i was VERY naive, such a thing never occured to me.

But as it turns out, i like men. Occasionally i have regretted this preference, but i don't believe it will change.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Bob said...

when I was 11 or 12 my cousin and I would occasionally try a game of hide the snake when he would spend the night. neither of us knew what the hell we were doing, and there was no kissing or touching with "the" exception of above. I've not had any desire for men since I discovered the delight of women - not that I didn't get the occasional proposition (in my younger days).

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Nancy Dancehall said...

I think one of my instructors currently has a crush on me. I keep wanting to say "Eyes up here!" whenever I ask her a question. It's...weird.

I think the girl-girl thing is a beautiful thing, but it just aint for me. I'm too much of a gay man for it. Now the guy-guy thing....oh yeah.....

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Have to say no to the gay babe thing. It has never even been a half-formed thought. I have 2 gay friends who have been married and had kids and then found that their preference was women and it totally surprised me in one, not as much in the other. They have answered many of my questions about it and I still struggle to u nderstand it but I trust their word that it is right for them and know it would most probably never be for me.

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Franki said...

Came over from Mind Moss. I've some lovely experiences with women, but in the end, it all kinda felt like foreplay. Where's the Happy Ending dammit?

I kinda think girls are more fun to kiss tho.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger gypsy said...


I have always been ridiculously poor about wanting to KNOW EVERYTHING. Even when I'm confident its none of my damn business.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger returning to red, watch out! said...

Gypsy's friend Roya here:

We'll ALL tell if you'll tell!
And I can totally know now why men love soft cuddly gals, or even cute lil bitty tits. I had a couple of them and found them delightful. (And that myth about a woman knowing how to please another woman? Not always true. Especially if the womanizer has no freakin' idea how to please herself first.)

I'm enjoying your posts, and glad to see we've brought another gal over the the dark side of bellydance!



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