Friday, August 01, 2008

Poetry Friday: Sweat, y'all

For today's Poetry Friday, feel free to explore that wonderful wetness that runs down your face, streams down your back, and makes a general eau de cologne from your armpits...sweat. ("Perspiration" for the gentler souls out there.) Write a story, concoct a poem, take a photo, share your favourite recipe for natural sweet-smellin' underarms...whatever rocks yer world.

I took Girl-Child shopping for deodorant yesterday. We found a section of teen-inspired deodorant, with scents like "Pop Star", and "Berry Blossom". Yeah...after I totally dissed berry-scented deodorants yesterday...and THAT, kids, is why I'm not in Marketing.

Anyway, I let Girl-Child get "Pop Star" scent, and once we got home she rolled that sucker all up and down her armpits. And then of course forced me to smell them.


Tonight, Girl-Child's friend Lovely Eyes is over for a sleepover. The girls just got everything unpacked for the event, and Girl-Child rushed in with Lovely Eyes. "Look! She has Sweet Strawberry deodorant! It's the same company as mine is from! So cool!" And they ran away to compare notes on Hannah Montana, the Sprouse brothers, and fruit snacks.

Their deodorant? Teen Spirit.


Those girls....


At 1:06 PM, Blogger patches said...

Your choice for teen spirit, is much like mine. Rock on!


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