Monday, May 09, 2005

Damn My Eyes! Careful, Y'all....

I used to run with a cadre of very fem men. A gay six-pack. Back after I graduated college. A girlfriend of mine (and by that I mean a friend who is a girl...I am painfully straight, y'all) knew them first, thought they were a riot, and introduced me and several other girls to them.

They WERE a riot.

We were all in our very early 20s. Not married. We hung out a lot together. We ate a lot. We drank a lot. We went to concerts together, and played board games. They told us stories about men they'd fucked, sugar daddies who picked them up in the gay bars downtown and promised to make them huge pron stars in L.A. We whined to them about the guys we dated and how we'd all be better off marrying gay men, 'cause then we'd have mates who had half a clue how women felt.

And one of the guys DID find a sugar daddy.

And he DID move to L.A.

And he DID become a pron star.

We rented his movie when he visited us. The so-called "Plot" was about two gangs of gay guys, one who rode motorcycles, one who didn't. And for some reason they ended up 'rumbling' but not so much fighting as fucking.

We were impressed.

"How did you keep it up for so long?"



The guys all ended up moving within a few years. Some to Cali, some to Chicago, some fell off the earth on the flat side. I think one O.D.ed. I think about them sometimes and wonder if they still like Erasure and pretty drinks.


They keep popping up in my head more now lately.


Damn commercial on the Food Network.

For Brawny paper towels.

Have you seen that one?

Guy in flannel shirt making a cake, voice-over, "Something's cooking at the Parker house."

And this guy, in tight oh-my-god-you're-dressing-right jeans, flannel shirt, that sort of foppish haircut, stands at the counter with his ASS STUCK OUT LIKE HE WAS IN PRISON, frosting a cake. And the creepy voice-over guy is no doubt trying to seduce women into thinking this guy is some kinda catch.

But any woman with two eyes and a blip of gay-dar can tell the guy is


No woman has a husband like this who isn't OBVIOUSLY GAY.

The guy picks up a puppy with frosting on it's nose, and creepy voice-over guy says, "Now that's a bad boy."

Brawny Paper Towel Gay Guy looks at the camera in that way, the way that says, "Let me help you off with those jeans, Big Guy, and I'll find some other use for all this frosting! Sit down, I'll make you a cocktail. Cock. Tail."

I watch that commercial in full, every damn time.

It's like I touched an electric fence and can't let go.

I'm achingly aware at the end of the commercial that my face is twisted in horror and dismay, like I just saw a dog fucking a horse in my driveway with the cat on the horse's back wearing rubber ducky boots and playing "Oh Danny Boy" on a harmonica.


Don't try and seduce me with gay guys to sell me paper towels! Show me a wet paper towel holding an entire 10-lb sack of potatoes, and I'll buy 'em! Scrub a gross bathtub with the same paper towel, and yes, that will impress me! Show me a cross section of how thick they are and how they sop up an entire glass of orange juice that your daughter tipped over on the dining room table, and I'll run right out and buy a whole dozen!

But. DO. NOT. use my precious remembrances of sweet men to sell sell me Anything. Okay?

If I want to see gay men in seductive poses, I'll rent pron. Good quality pron.

I do wonder what happened to my gay friends of old. But if they tried that shit, if they did a stupid commercial for goddamn paper towels and stuck their assholes out so's someone could stick their carrot in there, I'd bitch-slap them til they cried for their mommies.

Paper towels.


Not unless you're gonna use 'em afterward to clean"frosting" off the countertop.

Big Guy.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

yeah, that ain't right.

my gay friends were 3 brothers. all their names started with the letter "G". coincidence? I think not.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Pisser said...

Happy Late Mother's Day! And by that, I do not mean that you missed your period, but with all that boinking... ;)

Have not had the pleasure of that Brawny commercial. HILARIOUS vision in your driveway. I would seriously like to get that on film, or at least, cartoon.

And re: the other side of the fence, you don't know what you're missing....wink, wink...



At 11:12 PM, Blogger Mona Buonanotte said...

Well...I have seen the other side.

I'll have to someday tell y'all the story of the night my friend Susan kissed me. In front of a bar-full of people, including Sergei.

And I let her.

Ooh, the guys always love when I tell that story! Yeah, that's definitely for a 'why do guys dig two chicks together' blog.


Some. Day.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Hmm, you think spelling it "pron" will fend off the Google hits from people searching for "dog fucking a horse"?

What kind of shows does the Brawny ad run during? Clearly I am watching the wrong shows, 'cause I've never seen Mr. Pert Butt Froster.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Pisser said...

Well, kissing is one thing, but actually trying to sustain a relationship, with the moodiness and the bitching, is another.

And that's just the men! :)

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Julie said...

To see them:

That ad freaks me out.

At 12:21 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Thanks, Julie.

Mona, you didn't mention the cockal bondage imageā€”the puppy's red ribbon being wrapped around a roll of Brawny, squeezing the phallus tight.

And that guy is so deliciously gay! The smooth cheeks (on the face), the smoothly groomed hair, the...the...everything.


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