Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gankin' the Internets

1) As a girl who grew up with mostly male cousins, and a brother who teased me mercilessly, I really enjoy the Todd t-shirts. I could spend days in here.

2) Know how you find a site and link and link? Again, gimme a blanket and a bag of Oreos, and I’ll be camping out in here for a while.

3) WHAT? You want to jam cell phones in movie theatres? Are you out of your frickin’cotton’pickin’ mind??? Listen Bubba, when Sergei and I get the rare opportunity to go the movies sans kidlets, we HAVE to keep a cell phone on…it’s called “EMERGENCY”, doofus. You tell me I can’t use my cell phone in a movie theatre for an emergency and I’ll NEVER go to your theatre! Y’know what the problem is, Sheepherder? Your movies SUCK. THAT’S why attendance is down. Stop remaking old movies we really like into polished pieces of dog turd. You know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. You and the recording industry better smell the spray you're skunkin' and realize that you can’t peddle crap. Wah! Wah! Nobody’s buying our cds! Nobody's coming to our theatres! ‘CAUSE YOUR STUFF SUCKS. I swear, if I hear one more guy in a band singing like Dave Matthews, I’m gonna go ballistic on the RIAA’s ass.

4) Would it be improper of me to post photos of my skin on Half Nekked Thursdays? I'm just sayin', would you feel the need to poke your eyes out with brooches or somethin'? Just curious....


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