Monday, March 13, 2006

Why Does Sex Feel So Good?

I’m curious.


What do you think is the biological reason that sex, the act of sex, any kind of sex, feels just incredible?

I’ve heard that we were wired to enjoy sex so our species wouldn’t die out. The better it feels, the more we fuck, the more offspring we bear.

Well, that’s all well and good.

In the 18th century.

But now our planet is overpopulated, and resources are threatening to become scarce, and even replacing ourselves on this planet in a 1:1 ratio seems frivolous. So WHY is it that sex still feels good? Shouldn’t our bodies be losing the desire, shouldn’t our tingly bits be less tingly, if sex is meant to bring more babies in the world?

I like to think…


…the original plan of ‘sex-for-babies’ is being replaced by ‘sex-for-fun’. Because, let’s face it, so much in the world sucks right now, humans dying needlessly, rights being stripped, the rich becoming richer and more king-like, that maybe, fer jeebus’ sake, MAYBE sex is escapism. “Just fuck me so I can forget (insert angst here).”



I’m all gooshy and horny and can’t do a damn thing about it at work, and sometimes wish I could put my box in a box until a more convenient time.

Why does sex feel so good?



At 3:52 PM, Blogger Marcheline said...

I'm with you. Sex is for feelin' good. The whole baby thing? Just a wiring mistake. Kinda like putting the amusement park right next to the sewer....

At 11:22 AM, Blogger gypsy said...

Because if it weren't so fantastic I'm not sure I'd have a reason to live. Seriously, I like it better than most things and when things are shitty I always have that to look forward to. And it doesn't cost a dime.


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I propose this tangent (a modest proposal, to be sure):

We are focusing on the wrong thing in this discussion of evolutionary adaptations. Our advances in medical care, fewer wars, the ability to send aid to a dying area etc. are what causes over-population.

If enough people died of "natural" causes, we wouldn't be over-populated as a planet, and sex wouldn't have to change.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger NomadNomore said...

Sex is really a Goddess' way of worship (whoreship?).

C'mon, think about it... what else than hallucenogens makes us go out of our minds, forget that we have neighbors/family/children who might hear, make the funniest faces and cry out "oh Gawd" at that moment?

It's Religious. it really is.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger figleaf said...

Heh. I love this question.

First of all consider that there are lots of things we have to do to survive, but none of them feel as good as sex. Consider further that while many plants and animals go to incredible lengths to reproduce, for a lot of them sex, even ejaculation, is a lot more like scratching an itch or sneezing -- a reflex that feels good, sure, but doesn't consciousness-threatening, eyeball-rolling, let's make this last and then do it again good. Pretty interesting, hmm?

I mean, from a biological perspective do we need to have incredible bell-ringing orgasms if all we're trying to do is reproduce? For that it could feel only as good as getting your back scratched and we'd still line up for it.

I've got this great bass-ackwards theory of why sex feels so incredibly good to us that's utterly un-swashbuckling: When baby's heads started getting bigger and we were already walking upright and therefore couldn't grow our hips wide enough to accomodate, things in the birth canal started getting squished. One of the things that still gets squished between the pubic bone and baby's little skull. Women happened to have a little bit of erectile tissue in the area, part of the tissue that turns into a penis when a fetal male's testosterone starts kicking in but that's common (like nipples) to all fetuses. That tissue happens to wrap around the urethra. So I think women had larger-than-usual bits of that erectile tissue had an easier time getting through childbirth with their urethra intact, and thus had a better chance of recovering (surviving?) to take care of their newborns.

Since giving birth to large-headed babies was already fraught with peril it was subject to a lot of ad-hoc survival pressure. Even minor mutations could have a big impact, and the thing about evolution, though, is that it's highly contingent. So chances are that mutation just said something really simple like "let the whole thing get bigger" rather than "well, there *is* a lot of nervous tissue in there but just make the padding specifically bigger."

Chances are that the gene that provided extra padding was pretty elemental and probably held in common with both men and women rather than specific to women only. (Remember, the genital bud is shared and only differentiates in the presence of male hormones so the instructions to build it probably isn't on the X or Y chromosomes.)

Ok. So there we sit with all this extra padding that happens to have all this extra nervous tissue with it. That happened to be the nerves we enjoy sex with.

Think we needed it to get us to screw? No, we needed it *to better get through childbirth* and making sex feel really *really* good was just a side-effect of needing that tissue for something else.

Thus, I don't think we had selective pressure to make it feel better. But do you think we were going to let it go to waste? I didn't either.

Ok. So! I can see how evolution could have dropped sex feeling really, really good in our laps like that (as it were.)

I'd like to see an intelligent-design explanation that didn't rely on "well, the designer wanted to make sure we'd reproduce." Since, really, virtually all other animals reproduce just fine without the toe curlingly fun parts. So why us?

Especially since the ostensible Intelligent Designer the ID guys have in mind allegedly didn't want us to enjoy sex at all.

Just askin'

Take care, Mona,


At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't sex great, uh it feel soooo damn good. I don't see how someone could get sick of it. The feeling of the man's long hard penis up in my vag is unreal!! Don't you agree???

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK here is my explaination.
Some people say that sex is just there so we can reproduce. Bla!!!!!
Yeah we reproduce by having sex but it has a deeper meaning than that.
God created both man and woman,God created your bodies to every last detail, do you think God would just put sex there so that we just reproduce???
NO WAY!! God is merciful, some people say its biological, thats just looking into the science of that. I think God implanted us with sexual desires so that he can bring a man and a woman closer to each other.
Just think about it, a man wants to propose to a woman he likes, after they get married, whats their reward?
They have sex, something you should do when you get married!! HECK!!! Even God tells us men in the Qu'ran that we should enjoy it, and that we should treat women extremely well during sex so that they enjoy it too.
As for the children, what happily married couple wouldn't want one? Imagine having a sweet little girl in your arms with your loved one beside you smiling and crying at the same time. It's beautiful, and you all did it through the act of love-making, that God created for us!
I don't know what to say more than that really. To all those who are married and those who wanna get married. Sex is just another blessing for us people, besides I wanna bet all of you that sex feels better if you're married cause you can do whatever you want how ever you want without the slightest feeling of guilt or external prejudice,eh?
Plus no legal trouble.

Just thank God for this blessing ok?

And wait till you're married!!! LoL.

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sex feels good because we have a dick in our pussy i love the feeling

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It feels so good because for a short period of time, we females like pain, it turns us on. And you can't deny it because a penis is much bigger than the vagina. And we find it exciting, and that turns us on. We find excitement attractive and sexy. that's why.

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It feels so good because for a short period of time, we females like pain, it turns us on. And you can't deny it because a penis is much bigger than the vagina. And we find it exciting, and that turns us on. We find excitement attractive and sexy. that's why.

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

simple.. it's the way God made it!

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do we know animals do not enjoy sex like we do? They like water when they are thirsty and like food when they are hungry they like comfort when they're cold. whos to say they don't like reproducing like we do? Sex is satisfying because it's a need we have HARDWIRED into us humans and animals to satisfy. Btw, saying that God only cares for human sexual pleasure is so arrogant, this mentality is why animals get treated with disrespect in the world because we treat them as gifts to us from God. Complete and utter nonsense.


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